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Buffy Orton

From a very young age, Buffy was drawn to photography, seldom seen without a camera in her hand. In 2021, Vampire Archives was created as a business offering a unique perspective on concert and portrait photography, aiming to highlight those special moment you want to make last forever.

Here at Vampire Archives, the focus is always on you. Each shoot will be catered to your needs and wants in order to give you the best possible results in the finished product


  • When booking a session, we will have a consultation about what you hope to get out of it. This includes any specific shots you want; whether you prefer individual or group shots; and any editing you may wish to have done.

  • On the day of the shoot, we will arrive a short while before things kick off in order to meet with you and confirm the direction of the shoot

  • Once the photos are taken, they will be rendered and edited 

  •  Shortly after the day of the shoot, you will receive a Google Drive link to your album.



Live Photography Package - £60*
Live Video Package - £100*
Portrait Package - £55*
Music Videos/Promotional Videos - £150*
Watermark Removal - £10

* Please note all prices listed are minimum and subject to variation

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