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Here at Vampire Archives, the focus is always on you. Each shoot will be catered to your needs and wants in order to give you the best possible results in the finished product


  • When booking a session, we will have a quick chat about what you hope to get out of it. This includes any specific shots you want; whether you prefer individual or group shots; and any editing you may wish to have done.

  • On the day of the shoot, I will arrive a short while before things kick off in order to meet with you and discuss any last-minute things that may come up.

  • Once the photos are taken, they will be rendered and edited where necessary, but most photos will be kept raw unless specific editing requests have been made. This is to allow you to edit them however you wish.

  •  Within 24 hours after the shoot, the photos will arrive in your email inbox as a Google Drive link where you will find anywhere between 20 to 60 unwatermarked, ready-to-use photos. Once you have them, they're yours to keep and use however you wish.

  • I do request that photo credits are used whenever possible to help more people get quality photos.

The best way to book is via email or Instagram direct message (both linked below). Here we can discuss dates, times, location, and budget. This is where we will also have our consultation, going over shots and visions for the shoot

As previously stated, this company is all about you. This extends all the way to our fees. 
During your consultation, you will be asked about your budget for the shoot. This is to ensure that everyone can benefit from our services and not have to sacrifice quality because of finances. The starting point for an event is £30, and £40 for press shots. If it's our first time working together, you can enjoy a free taster session (only for live events) to make sure Vampire Archives is what you're looking for

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